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We provide high-quality solutions fine-tuned to the unique needs of your industry
Tytan Industry is a division of Selena, a global company specialising in the supply of high-quality adhesives and sealants to various industrial sectors. Our distribution network covers the domestic and international markets, ensuring fast delivery of products to customers all over the world.
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Innovation and top quality

We make products that shape the future of industry
We combine science and technology to deliver the highest-quality solutions on the market. With our own research laboratories, we do advanced work on improving the formulations of adhesives and sealants and testing their application properties. Our team of experts is always busy creating new and innovative solutions fine-tuned to the specific needs of our customers.
We operate worldwide, offering products under the TYTAN INDUSTRY and QUILOSA PROFESSIONAL brands. Our products, such as hot melt, polyurethane, dispersion, hybrid, PSA, solvent contact, and upholstery adhesives, as well as hybrid, polyurethane, silicone and acrylic sealants, are recognised worldwide.

Versatile industrial solutions

Versatile industrial solutions

The adhesives and sealants we supply are versatile and reliable materials used in the wood processing, paper, automotive, construction, and door and window manufacturing industries, among others. We always focus on the needs of various sectors, developing products that are proven and effective solutions for each industry.
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Innovating for the future -
Our mission for sustainable development

At Selena Industry, we understand that the future of our planet depends on what we do today. That is why we focus on sustainability, stressing its importance in all aspects of our business.
We work to create innovative products that not only meet high quality standards, but are also environmentally friendly. Our research laboratories focus on developing formulations that minimise the environmental footprint while providing exceptional performance and durability.
Also, in our production processes, we take care to minimise harmful emissions and use resources efficiently.
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We believe that through sustainable development, we can contribute to making the world better for future generations.
We strive to ensure that each of our products is not only best in class, but also serves to protect our planet.

Collaboration and individual approach

Every customer is unique to us.
At Selena Industry, we always put the customer first. We understand that every project is different and requires a unique approach. That is why our team of experts in many fields is always ready to customise our products and services to the specific needs of each customer.
Our business philosophy prioritises understanding our customers’ objectives and requirements in order to provide them with the most efficient and effective solutions.

We are part of the Selena Group

The Selena Group is a holding of companies engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of construction chemicals, based on Polish capital. The group’s parent company is Selena FM S.A., based in Wrocław, which entered the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 18 April 2008. The Selena Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals. Its product range includes foams, sealants, adhesives, damp and waterproofing products, insulation systems, fasteners and complementary products.

Tytan Industry is part of the Selena Group

A global manufacturer and distributor of construction chemicals, the company was founded in 1992 in Wrocław, Poland.
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