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Eco-Innovation in upholstery: Advantages of water-based adhesives


The market success of a business is not only about having a high-quality product, excellent customer service, a developed distribution network, or effective marketing but also about consistently creating a comprehensive company image, influenced by many factors. One of these factors is creating a safe working environment, where employee health is a key value. Currently, companies are also moving towards sustainable development, where aspects related to broad environmental care and eco-friendly production principles are becoming paramount.

Upholstered furniture manufacturers are also creating a megatrend by seeking effective solutions that not only guarantee the highest quality standards and meet customer demands for durability, performance, and efficiency but also meet criteria for significantly reducing negative impacts on our ecosystem. One such solution is the use of water-based dispersion adhesives in upholstery. Their leading advantage is durability in bonding materials while maintaining the high quality and appearance of upholstered products. However, there is now particular attention paid to their composition, which should be safe for the workers using them and meet the requirements of eco-friendly products.

These types of water-based dispersion adhesives for upholstery are available on the market and importantly, have a wide range of applications. They are perfectly suited for the production of upholstered furniture such as sofas, armchairs, and chairs, providing immediate, strong bonds. They are also used in mattress production, ensuring their quality and durability while ensuring the absence of harmful substances. The adhesive is applied using a specialized spray gun, allowing for quick and precise distribution of the adhesive on the surfaces to be bonded, without creating dust in the environment.

Compared to traditional solvent-based upholstery adhesives, water-based dispersion adhesives do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. Using water-based dispersion adhesives minimizes the impact of harmful reagents on workers. An extremely important aspect is the non-flammability of these adhesives, which significantly improves fire safety.

The use of water-based adhesives in upholstery is an important step towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable industry. Advantages such as the absence of  volatile organic compounds (VOCs), low harmfulness during use and application of the bonded materials, reduction of hazardous waste, and excellent technological properties make water-based adhesives an excellent alternative not only for upholstered furniture manufacturers but also for all customers. It is certain that this is the future of the industry, especially as awareness of the degradation of our planet is growing, and interest in its protection in various industrial disciplines and societal functions is intensifying.

The company SELENA, under the brand TYTAN INDUSTRY, offers water-based upholstery adhesives. These single-component or two-component water dispersion-based adhesives with added modifying agents are characterized by excellent adhesion to upholstery materials, quick bonding, long open time, and they form a flexible joint that absorbs vibrations or movements of the bonded materials. They do not contain any organic solvents, making them safe and eco-friendly. After application to the bonding surface using spray guns, the adhesive cures and forms a durable and strong bond resistant to chemicals, moisture, heat, and other environmental factors. They are efficient on both large and small surfaces. TYTAN INDUSTRY upholstery adhesives are designed for bonding foams to each other, foams to wood, chipboard, cardboard, and other upholstery materials.

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